Eckelmann s.r.o. in Tvrdonce, Check Republic, is a subsidiary of Eckelmann AG, Wiesbaden and part of the Eckelmann Group.

Eckelmann s.r.o. develops and produces high quantities of electro-technical equipment for refrigerated cabinets. In addition, we deliver medium and small series production compact switch cabinets for the refrigeration systems and cooling rooms. Distribution circuit boards as well as cable harnesses complete our production spectrum. On the request of the customer, we design individual electronic and electro-technical assemblies and produce these in our state-of-the art production facility. We employ currently 75 persons at our company headquarters in Tvrdonice and we are continuously expanding.

From a shack to a state-of-the-art series production

We started in 2006 with a staff of only 5 employees in very simple buildings and set out to establish a state-of-the-art, electro-technical series production. At the time we were still a subsidiary of Taunus Elektro Bau (TEB), Germany. Our customer base consisted of production facilities of international manufacturers of refrigeration units located in the region, and we were able to deliver their products from Tvrdonice over short distances and just-in-time. Nobody could foresee that Eckelmann s.r.o. would become one of the largest employers in Tvrdonice.

The operation started in this building in 2006 with only 5 employees
The operation started in this building in 2006 with only 5 employees

Eckelmann AG, manufacturer of the refrigeration control system E*LDS available all over Europe, acquired in 2008 the operation, which is now called Eckelmann s.r.o. The warehouse and production areas were successively expanded to now approximately 1800 m². New, state-of-the-art halls and an office building replaced the old buildings through several construction steps from 2012 to 2017. The newest addition will be completed early in 2019. At the same time, Eckelmann invested in the establishment of state-of-the-art production equipment, automated test systems and in a quality management system.


Sales and the number of employees significantly increased during the last few years. 75 employees work currently at the Tvrdonice location and generate sales in a double-digit million Euro range.

Our industries and customers

Eckelmann s.r.o. is a reliable series production supplier for international refrigeration system manufacturers. Our customer base includes among others Carrier, Viessmann und Hauser, whose refrigerated cabinets is equipped with our electrical accessories and small control units.

We develop and produce customize electronic and electro-technical assemblies for the entire electrical industry.

For the telecommunication segment we produce large series of alarm switching units for glass fiber distribution cabinets of Telekom.


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