Customer specific devices / cables

We configure individual cables for large European customers. We produce electronic equipment in large quantities, for example, distribution circuit boards and alarm switching units for the use in distribution boxes for the telecommunication industry.

On the request of the customer, we design individual electronic and electro-technical assemblies for the entire electrical industry and produce these as series production products at our state-of-the art production facility.

We implement your customer-specific projects from mechanical to electrical construction. On request, we can provide all components manufactured for you with your logo or design them according to your corporate design.

The THT assemblies are prepared in modern manual workplaces. Mixed assemblies with SMD components are also possible. Since we have our own production, we are able to process components quickly and reliably.
The right machine soldering technology supports THT production efficiently and safely.


Ing. Josef Šunka, Ph.D.
Managing Director
Tel.: +420 519 323 755